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WEEKEND OF HEALTH AND HOPE INSPIRATION:  Larry’s Story in his words, “On 06-17-13 I went to the Doctor. I was told to lose weight, for the 28th time in 7 years. I am 5’8” tall and I weighed 228 pounds. I came home and asked my wife what she was doing to lose weight. She got me started on this program. On 06-25-13 I started and I followed the plan to the letter. I have lost 39lbs.  My Doctor saw me recently and was very pleased.  He has reduced my weight related medications. I have 31lbs. to go, but I have never felt better.”

WEEKEND OF HEALTH AND HOPE INSPIRATION:  Craig is a shining example of achieving goals, pursuing ultra health, and not letting excuses stand in his way. Nothing stops him! He now has freedom to move however he wants to! Through his journey he has learned it’s not about solving a problem-but focusing on CREATING a solution for his health. Choosing between what he wants now and what he wants MOST!  “I am learning to change the wording in my head from I can’t to how CAN !!!

By having the help of a Certified Health Coach, Dr. A’s Habits of Health System and the simple “training wheels approach to healthy eating a mental shift occurred …and his weight problem took care of itself!  If you’re trying to solve a problem of being overweight-think about Craig’s example instead. FOCUS on CREATING health with a comprehensive proven and effective program! Can’t wait to hear what you want to CREATE in your life today!!

WEEKEND OF HEALTH AND HOPE INSPIRATION: Nursing Mom – Tracy D. -  In January 2012 my Doctor gave me an ultimatum to either lose 10% of my body weight or he had no other choice to start me on blood pressure and cholesterol medications.
My husband being a Certified Fitness Instructor informed me that he had put together some pretty invasive workout routines to get my weight down.  We worked out extremely hard for 5 months and I lost 20 lbs. from January to June.  

Then I found this program and got started.  I lost 50 pounds, quicker then I had thought I would!  Lessons learned that exercising is great, however if you don’t adopt good eating habits, you are not going to see the results you want. My blood pressure and cholesterol readings are now among the best that my Doctor has seen.  I feel better now than I have in over 10 years.

I’ve recently been getting calls from friends are wanting to get healthy and lose weight before the holidays. This is what I do. I help people focus on what they want to CREATE in their life and not on the past. I, too, have let life get in the way of my health and need a tune up, as well, so…to all of us who need some inspiration…get ready. Staring with a blitz this weekend and for the next 30 days you will see some amazing picture of HOPE.

If you or someone you love needs help getting healthy, then get ready! Check back every now an then for a new story and another dream realized.

I love being a Take Shape for Life Health coach!  It’s helped me to be financially healthy.  To me that means more than having the “right” amount of money in the bank. It means having a balanced life, pursuing my passions, and finding a way to use my gifts and talents in a career that earns me the money I desire.  Who wants to join me?

“We’re told that if you work hard, you will become successful, and once you become successful, then you’ll be happy. We think: If I can just get that next good grade, I’ll be happy. If I lose that five pounds, I’ll be happy. And so on. Success first, happiness second. The only problem is that this formula is scientifically backwards.”  Shawn Achor


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